OMT does the project, assembly & commissioning management for new production line at Cytiva!

OMT was given the opportunity to shoulder the role of sub-project manager for electrical & instrumentation engineering and assembly support on site at Cytiva in Uppsala in January 2020. The project aims to increase capacity through a new production line that is part of sephadex production at Cytiva in Uppsala.

A person was also needed on site during start-up and Signal Loop Test of the factory. The perfect solution was an electrical project manager from OMT, Johan Ahlqvist who has a solid electrical design background. Johan initially carried out the sub-project management, but during the project the role was changed to a more “hands on” role where Johan with proximity to the facility was on site to solve everything from installation to commissioning-oriented problems.

The design has been done in a 3D environment in parallel with the electrical engineering. One of the biggest challenges has been to stick to the 3D model that has been built up to get cable ladders, pipes, etc. in the right place in the model and within the right space during the factory construction.

The 3D environment has also been a savior in Pandemic times when many meetings to solve the installation took place via online tools. Due to the prevailing Covid-19 situation, foreign suppliers have not been able to come to the site as planned. But even that, creativity and modern aids have had to be solved, even final inspection of installation has taken place via video link.

The assignment has involved many supplier deliveries where set times have been critical for installation. Following up and ensuring these has been difficult during Corona, but if possible more important than normal as you want to minimize staff who must be on site at the same time.
The last parts of the commissioning are currently underway in the project at Cytiva. If you need a similar project solution in your business, OMT and Johan Ahlqvist can help from the beginning of 2021. Together we have knowledge, methodology, tools and commitment to be a strong addition to your project.

2020-12-07T12:52:12+01:007 December, 2020|

We welcome Elin Calmensten to OMT!

Elin will strengthen our economic department until this fall as a junior assistant of economy while one of our colleagues is on parental leave. Most recently, Elin studied and got a bachelor’s degree in statistics and data analysis. She also contributes with previous experience as an assistant of economy. Together, we’ll ensure that our own statistics are correct and that our economists receive support in our own financial management!


Elin Calme

Elin Calmensten

2020-02-27T15:43:01+01:0027 February, 2020|

The Business Engineering team keeps expanding!

We are both proud and happy to welcome Joel Björn to our team Business Engineering!
With his unique combination of knowledge in mechanical design and product configuration, he will help our customers build effective Design Automation solutions where you can quickly customize your product and get CAD drawings and documentation within just a few clicks. Joel holds a bachelor’s degree in Design and Product Realization and a master’s degree in Machine Design.

You are more than welcome to contact us to get a demo and more information regarding Design Automation!

Joel Bj

Joel Björn Business Engineer OMT

2020-02-07T07:23:39+01:006 February, 2020|

New chapter in the OMT-history!

This time we’ve performed an internal recruitment to the CEO role of OMT Management AB.
The CEO role is defined with a strong business focus in our new solution-oriented organization. Therefore it’s with a warm hand that we leave the role to the one person that most of all has a burning intrest for both business and OMT as a company.
We now present Andreas Eriksson as the new CEO of OMT Management AB!

Andreas already knows our business and has a relationship with most of our customers in Management. We are convinced that it will be a good solution for both our colleagues and customers. Andreas leaves a position as Sales Manager at OMT and has also held a previous role as CEO of one of our old companies OMT Service a couple of years ago.

Together we’ll now create solutions for business and business improvement in technical operations, for us and our customers!
Read more about how at

Andreas Eriksson CEO OMT Management AB

Andreas Eriksson CEO OMT Management AB

2020-01-31T13:55:28+01:0031 January, 2020|

We welcome Pekka Puska to OMT and our team Project Management!

Pekkas most recent workexperience is from Nordkalk where he was responsible for all investment projects within the Purchasing Unit. He is a very experienced project manager and understands the complexity of large construction projects.

Pekka skillfully handles project management issues, personnel and work environment, contractors and various types of technical challenges. Since he has a background in electrical- and automation, he does not hesitate to dig into the technology when needed.

The fact that Pekka is a former customer to OMT testifies the good relationship we strive to achieve in all our collaborations. When it was time for Pekka to look around for new challenges, OMT was just a call away.


Together, we ensure that project goals are achieved in structured forms in the right way. Read more about how at


Pekka Puska, Project Manager - OMT

Pekka Puska, Project Manager – OMT

2020-01-23T15:04:03+01:0023 January, 2020|

We warmly welcome Bertil Saegebrecht back to OMT!

Bertil, who was previously a colleague at OMT, is now returning after a period at Saab Kockums where he worked as a maintenance project manager. With Bertil, we strengthen our Project Management in the energy and process industries. Bertil has previous experience as a maintenance manager at Södra Wood and has many years of experience in project and assembly management in the industry. We’ll now lead the audit coordination for northern Stockholm CHP plants.

Together we now create solutions and efficiency in technical operations. Read more about how at


Bertil Saegebrecht OMT project manager

Bertil Saegebrecht OMT project manager

2020-01-17T15:43:01+01:0017 January, 2020|

OMT welcomes Johan Fält as new CEO of OMT Tech AB!

We warmly welcome Johan Fält to OMT!

In the new solution-focused organization within OMT, we now warmly hand over the operational CEO role of OMT Tech AB (Formerly OMT Service AB). Johan contributes with his long experience in sales, business development, leadership and technology.

Most recently, Johan worked as a sales manager and business development Nordic in Siemens industry-related operations, which delivers automation and drive technology solutions to Swedish industry with modernization projects, maintenance, emergency services and not least digital services.

Johan also has a previous background from Exova Metech AB, where he was responsible for business development in his sales manager role with responsibility for measurement technology solutions in Swedish industry, primarily in the automotive, defense, telecom, pharmaceutical and industrial technology industries.

Together we now create solutions within technical projects, for us and our customers!

Read more about how at


Johan Fält, the new CEO of OMT Tech AB!

Johan Fält, the new CEO of OMT Tech AB!

2020-01-07T15:00:25+01:007 January, 2020|

OMT Improvement 20.20

OMT Group AB enters a new organizational structure in 2020 to meet our long-term goals.

The  fromer organization was based on a geographical regional structure that since 2010 has taken us to where we are today. A decade later, it is time to create improved conditions to meet the future we want to create. We continue our journey as a serious, sustained and sufficiently large player in the market to gain further trust from customers and new colleagues. Increased volume provides development opportunities for all colleagues and the opportunity for even better customer solutions. An OMT that enables better business, better opportunities for colleagues, better sense of the brand and better solutions.

Through a clearer legal corporate structure and organization, we develop a way to continue to deliver our solutions with quality in a clearer packaging of us. We put more focus on solutions we deliver to the industries we operate in and to gain clarity internally and externally about what we can do in terms of competence and what we offer.

From 2020, OMT, which has become an abbreviation of Organization, Management and Technology, will consist of the group parent OMT Group AB, where we provide support functions to our operations such as HR, quality control, sales, marketing, management and operations support.

The affiliated company OMT Management AB focuses on management solutions through the service areas Management, Business Engineering and Project Management.

The affiliated company OMT Tech AB, formerly OMT Service AB focuses on technology solutions through the service areas Technical Production Operations, Mechanical & Plant Lead Engineering and Electrical & Control Lead Engineering.

The Group also has OMT BuildTech AB for future packaging of real estate solutions.

OMT Group AB is owned by the holding company OMT AB, which is privately owned with a long-term ownership directive for creating sustainable operations.

Through continuous improvement internally and externally we create winners!

2020-01-02T14:30:03+01:002 January, 2020|

We welcome Oliver Dover to OMT and our Business Engineering team!

Oliver has a unique knowledge of product configuration and modeling. He has specialist knowledge in design automation and knows how to build a product model so that you can go from quotation to finished CAD design with a few button presses. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Design and Product Realization and a master’s degree in Industrial Management.

Oliver’s most recent work experience is from Syncron where he implemented strategic pricing models for increased profitability. Now he is ready to increase the profitability of OMT’s customers by creating more efficient sales processes!


Together we now create solutions and efficiency in technical operations, for us and our customers!
Read more about how at Business Engineering

Oliver Dover

Oliver Dover

2019-12-11T09:31:04+01:0011 December, 2019|

New colleague to OMT!

We welcome Mattias Furberg to OMT! Together with Mattias, we strengthen ourselves within Project Management in electricity and energy. With a long experience of projects in electricity grids, grid and transformation stations as well as grid calculations for companies such as ABB, Siemens, Svenska Kraftnät, Ellevio, Vattenfall, Mälarenergi and others, Mattias contributes with even more skills and a desire to create value for OMT’s customers through our solutions and customer offers.

Together we now create solutions and efficiency in technical projects, for us and our customers!

Read more at &


Mattias Furberg OMT Project Manager

Mattias Furberg OMT Project Manager

2019-10-01T14:55:28+02:001 October, 2019|