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    See a selection of everything that happens at OMT. Here you will find posts of the latest news from the company.

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    Petter Grelsson new colleague at OMT
    5 January 2022

    New colleague to our BE-team!

    A better start to 2022 than having the honor of welcoming Petter Grelsson to the Business Engineering team at OMT is hard to imagine. With...

    julhälsning 2021 OMT
    27 December 2021

    2021 – Christmas greeting!

    Another different year is soon over. With change and adaptation, we have overcome all obstacles. We thank colleagues and partners for your efforts and our...

    27 December 2021

    OMTs fantastic eNPS of 68!

    We are extremely proud of our employee Net Promoter Score, which for 2021 is at a fantastic 68 on average, measured on 8 occasions during...

    27 December 2021

    Are you right for us? Are we right for you? Can we be more right together?

    We are doing well, we are growing and in the need of more leadership and knowledge.We are looking for a dedicated leader and manager for...

    leadership training OMT
    1 December 2021

    Developing our leadership in projects!

    Personal development and growth are something we are very passionate about at OMT. Therefore we're excited to be able to open up our internal training...

    5 November 2021

    Walk the talk!

    We live by and do what we say. For the 6th year in a row, we have shown that we develop and follow our business...

    5 November 2021

    OMT Management Consulting keeps growing!

    We warmly welcome Hans Andersson who is a very structured leader with many years of solid experience from the automotive industry, both in Sweden and...

    5 November 2021

    Extensive project within public transportation!

    Within rail transport, OMT GROUP AB offers design solutions to meet society's growing need for fast and reliable transport, primarily in public transport. Here is...

    22 October 2021

    We welcome Peter Bratt to OMT!

    Peter has solid experience in industrial production and maintenance. He is calm, analytical, and sees context and structure in complex processes. Peter is used to...