About OMT

We create efficiency in technical projects and operations, as well as function and availability. This by working with leadership, project management, consulting services and technology products to our customers, focusing on solutions and quality. At OMT, you have access to experience through selected and recommended colleagues. We work with a clear methodology to ensure quality of services, products, customer and employee satisfaction. Common sense, quality instead of quantity, businessmanship is the feature of our business.

Business Concept

OMT offers solutions within engineering industries in the form of consulting services, technical equipment manufacturing, machine construction and property development. OMTs ethos and values ensure that we aim to exceed our customers expectations and to make all parties win.

The company was founded by John Filipiak Wallderin as “Östergötlands Mätartjänst” in December 2005 to provide reading services of meters, professional services and energy solutions to property owners, energy companies and engineering companies.

In 2007 we changed the name to OMT AB when Erik Hollertz stepped in as a partner. We expanded our product portfolio and invested further in our consulting services. OMT now had to account for Östergötland’s Management & Engineering.

In June 2008 Nicklas Söderholm climbed on board as a partner to handle further expansions. From 2009, we work with consulting and contracting in technologies such as mechanics, automation and electrics.

In autumn 2009, we initiated OMT Service AB together with Magnus Aktner to be able to offer services such as installation, assembly and maintenance services to our clients.

In January 2010, we opened our office in the region of Mälardalen to manage an expansion outside of Östergötland.
Later the same year we even opened an office in Gothenburg to act locally near our Gothenburg Clients.

Our expansion continued in 2012 with the establishment in Stockholm. In 2013 we opened an office in Västerås, we incorporated OMT Service AB into a properly subsidiary, reorganized and became a genuine group.

In 2015, we ISO 9001 certified our business to ensure our methodologies and deliveries.

2017, we started the year with a new corporate structure in which we incorporated our business areas and created an operational structure that is more clear both internally in our operations and more understandable to the market. In 2017, we acquired Techcon to jointly offer our customers and employees more and better solutions as well as opened offices in Linköping and Falun.

2018, we defined what “Technical Business Engineering” means for us and what it stands for. We clarified our mission, our vision, our goals and our “how”. We streamlined our operations. Improvement is a standing element of our culture. We left old ways of business planning and instead started value planning to define business benefits for colleagues and customers.

2019, we have managed to get ourselves an office in Kalmar and our journey to a new, improved OMT where OMT stands for improvements within Organization, Management and Technology.

We have experience within the energy industry and process industries, to production and infrastructure, from gas turbines and paper machines to trucks and trains, from design to assembly management / commissioning. We market and sell analyses and optimization tools to help our clients achieve higher efficiency and savings. See more about our services on the first page to find the right offer and solution for you.

Our company strives to take into account and minimize impacts on the environment. We will work under beneficial methods for the environment and use tools whenever possible to protect the environment.
The services of our company shall be of such quality to ensure our clients’ complete approval and performed in a professional manner. The quality of services provided shall be measured by client surveys at least once a year. We are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
All employees shall follow the Work Environment Act and relevant rules and regulations. The company shall care about its employees and take such measurements to guarantee a working environment which is as good as possible.
Role Models
We always act in the best way. We are committed to deliver results for our clients’ capital. We will always strive to be better than our clients’ own staff while reinforcing individuals closest around us.

We have spirit
We dare to deliver, perform, be receptive, and make ourselves heard. We stand for our values and our competence. We dare to even stand up for matters we do not know, however, that which we do not know, we can find out!

Count on us! We are honest and keep our promises. We are exceptionally committed and accountable. If we make mistakes, we solve it, learn from it and do not repeat it. We care about our clients’ investment. Loyalty/Reliability, knowledge and action builds confidence.

Customers, peers and employees can have confidence in us as a company and workforce. Trust is involved when you sign up as a client of ours, and we will do everything in our power to make sure we deserve it.

Motivate, support and help others. We make sure to have a way and actions which drive our projects forward and help our clients to achieve their goals. An individual of OMT sees the possibilities!

We strive to be the best at what we do! Focus and knowledge of details results in quality. We will develop together with our client and learn from every opportunity. Our staff consist of individuals who takes responsibility and we invest in their professional development.

Billing Information


Fleminggatan 2, 602 24 Norrköping
Org.nummer: 556730-7375
Bankgiro: 5649-6722

OMT Group AB

Fleminggatan 2, 602 24 Norrköping
Org.nummer: 559064-4711
Bankgiro: 356-8813

OMT Management AB

Fleminggatan 2, 602 24 Norrköping
Org.nummer: 559072-1030
Bankgiro: 5140-5355

OMT Service AB

Fleminggatan 2, 602 24 Norrköping
Org.nummer: 556799-7233
Bankgiro: 496-8020

OMT BuildTech AB

Fleminggatan 2, 602 24 Norrköping
Org.nummer: 559077-0094
Bankgiro: 5146-2315