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    About OMT

    OMT stands for improvements within Organisations, Management and Technology. We create efficiency in technical projects and operations, as well as function and availability. This by working with leadership, project management, consulting services and technology products to our customers, focusing on solutions and quality. At OMT, you have access to experience through selected and recommended colleagues. We work with a clear methodology to ensure quality of services, products, customer and employee satisfaction. Common sense, quality instead of quantity, businessmanship is what characterizes our business.

    Our dream is to be an organization others look up to. We like going to work, help each other, customers and suppliers. We create our future through development. Our organization focuses on long-term development and our brand ´shall be perceived so positivly that we attract the very best colleagues and customers. We wan’t to be considered as the best! Here we want to work! Here our children want to work in the future! Read more about our path to get there, on the page about Our History.

    Technical Business Excellence:

    Our brand is associated with expertise and efficiency within technical industry, whether we deliver consultancy services, work in projects, develops, manufactures or are building facilities.

    Vision – Where success are created

    Our vision is that OMT attracts those who are considered the best and together we continue to develop and constantly improve to make our customers the best.

    Mission – Solutions that create added value

    Our mission is to create added value for our customers and indirectly for ourselves. We need to add value to be worth what somebody pays for us, whether it’s a customer invoice or salary.

    Business Concept

    OMT offers solutions within engineering industries in the form of consulting services, technical equipment manufacturing, machine construction and property development. OMTs ethos and values ensure that we aim to exceed our customers expectations and to make all parties win.


    Our passion is to constantly develop, create new challenges and new opportunities. Without development and change, you will fall behind in a world that is constantly changing. Doing as you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always got. At OMT we want to push for development, we want to push for change. All people need development, coaching, advice, sometimes a kick in the back, a tap on the shoulder, positive and negative feedback, etc. to be able to perform and feel good.


    Attitude is for us to constantly act to be a winner and make those around us winners. We have Team spirit, corporate culture, and methodology to treat each other with common sense, even when it gets tough.

    Clear business plans and strategies so we can understand, measure, follow up and improve. We have a business management with constant clear coaching and improvement.

    Continuous customer focus, we understand that all internal and external activities will lead our customers to hire us.

    Our dream

    Considered as the best! Here we want to work! Here our children want to work in the future!
    Our dream is to be an organization others look up to. We like going to work, helping each other, customers and suppliers. We create our future through development. Our organization is long-term and our brand is to be so positive that people in our future wants to join us.

    About OMT

    Our fellowship, the difference that makes the difference within our work!

    We know that if we create opportunities to remember, have fun together we make it obvious to help each other even when things are difficult. The colleagues are in focus and together we are good at creating opportunities, that’s how we create our corporate culture and make ourselves and our world around us to winners. We know that transparent, accessible information and involvement in decisions increases everyone’s participation. Here we are familiar with our business and are familiar with how the people who actually perform the tasks actually feel. We focus on what creates key figures instead of looking at numbers afterwards.

    Our Values


    We are honest and we keep what we promise. Loyalty, knowledge and action makes us trustworthy as a company and individuals. We care about delivering a good return on our customers investment and create a good environment for the people around us. Focus and detailed knowledge leads to quality an makes us competent. We develop together with our customer and never stop learning. We invest in developing our own competence and everyone takes responsibility. Through our methodology, we support and share knowledge. We share our knowledge, our expertise, and our resources so that everyone can understand what is important now and what is important going forward.


    We engage and push our projects forward and make sure our customers meet their goals. We dare to be inventive, pioneering and are open to develop and change. We shall constantly challenge the norms to be innovative and find new and better ways to conduct our business. We are attentive to the information that is given to us and we develop our relations, solutions, and services. Based on our understanding of the market we actively look for development and new best practices. Correct solution at the correct time at the correct business.


    We acknowledge every bodies contribution to success- colleagues, customers and partners. We encourage and reward accomplishments both in professional actions and with compassionate behaviour. Our culture encompasses a strong us-feeling where we are there for each other and are good role models. Together we create moments to socialize and remember with hapiness. As an OMT employee we stand up for the equal value of all and will treat everybody with openness, honesty and respect.


    Environmental Policy

    Our company strives to take into account and minimize impacts on the environment. We will work under beneficial methods for the environment and use tools whenever possible to protect the environment.

    Quality Policy

    The services of our company shall be of such quality to ensure our clients’ complete approval and performed in a professional manner. The quality of services provided shall be measured by client surveys at least once a year. We are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

    Work Environment Policy

    All employees shall follow the Work Environment Act and relevant rules and regulations. The company shall care about its employees and take such measurements to guarantee a working environment which is as good as possible.

    Sustainability Policy & code of conduct

    OMT strives to have an efficient and productive organization to achieve the best possible results. Work
    always takes place in accordance with applicable laws with the goal that all employed colleagues, suppliers and the business must have a social responsibility and take a social responsibility. Everyone who works within OMT must contribute to the sustainable development of the business and contribute to social responsibility towards our environment.
    We work and conduct our business in a sustainable manner. The right colleague in the right place with the right workload and with the right conditions from a quality, work environment and environmental perspective where the organization also takes social responsibility.
    Sustainability for us means having the conditions for us to be able to develop and be able to work over time and to do what we can for the world around us with a balance between personal and business-specific needs.

    POL-3845-v.1.0 Hållbarhetspolicy OMT