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    Management Consulting

    We have extensive experience of leadership and leading roles within the private, municipal, and state sectors. We have turned loss to profit and helped organisations formulate and work towards common goals. We have implemented significant organizational changes to reach results.

    Management Consulting

    Management consulting at OMT is a way to lead, influence, support and provide recommendations to our customers. We are experienced in analysing information, market trends and businesses. We are mainly active in the technology sector where our skills are best utilized. Through our assessments, we contribute to budget, business-, market- and operation planning.

    We help our customers within many different areas such as:

    • Developing services and products, and questioning old and ineffective processes.
    • Ensuring that R&D, economy, purchasing, contracts, sales and HR all work toward the same goal.  
    • Working with values, behaviour and attitudes to accomplish change.
    • Inspiring people, because making each individual realize their importance in the big picture is essential to add value and have a healthy business. 
    • Filling vacancies in management and key positions, act as support within management, and accomplish results.
    • Help you make money fast as we support and  in a positive way challenge both employees and processes to increase their productivity.  We do not have organisational ties to your business and we have a greater possibility to focus on the task at hand.
    • Analyze businesses to find bottlenecks  and slow processes.
    • Develop and implement business management systems and production systems. 
    • Perform acceptance test of industrial equipment, final inspections and in process controls.
    • Make sure products follow requirement specifications and find faulty  equipment. 
    • Support our customers by assessing the supplier management systems and make sure that the supplier meets the specified requirement.
    • Perform supplier and customer negotiations and be responsible for quality requirements in purchasing.
    • Answer QA and QC questions. 
    • Produce quality plans, asses quality documentation and create inspection plans.
    • Analyse the market, competitors and partners in your industry.
    • Advise in market and sales related questions, plan market aktivities, and build brands.

    Services that we can deliver:

    • Interim solutions – Let us help you when you quickly need someone who will manage your business while you are engaged in recruiting a permanent solution. When a manager leaves, it is easy to let a colleague manager handle the leaving manager tasks. This is however usually not sustainable.
    • Business analysis: – We discover what parts of your business that can be optimized and improved. Do you know where your bottle necks are?
    • Process mapping – Have you identified how your business is being run? Have you visualised your processes so that they are clear to everyone? if not, let us do it!
    • Methodology implementation – We help you to create and implement a methodology that ensures a sustainable business. What should be done, when shall it be done, in what order and who shall do it. By ensuring a well tested, documented methodology and process errors will be reduced.
    • Quality solutions – We will analyse and create quality control systems, and ensure quality of your purchased services or products.

    We perform our work according to an agreed process where you as a customer has the possibility to affect and have access to all information. Ongoing evaluation throughout the project is important for us. We want to make sure that we are delivering the maximum value for our customers.


    Business management

    Elias Talani

    Head of Management Consulting

    070-495 11 62