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    Automotive Industry

    In the automotive / vehicle industry, we work with business and organizational development, logistics development and supply chain management to create efficiencies within projects & processes, teams and space.

    With OMT’s experience, we can lead product and process development, installation and maintenance. Through OMT’s certified business and project methodology, we ensure that businesses and projects get the right results.

    Within the Automotive Industry we work with:

    • Project Management.
    • Business assessment for optimization.
    • Concept and feasibility assessments to create clear decision basis.
    • Logistics and material planning to optimize inventory, lead time and logistics costs.
    • Supply chain management to ensure supplier development and secure deliveries.
    • LEAN and Quality Assurance.
    • Technical Investigations.
    • Design of products and functional descriptions.
    • Maintenance and equipment technician for electrical, mechanical and automation within production.
    • Installation and deployment of for example; assembly tools in manufacturing.
    • Manufacturing and assembly within painting and body manufacturing.
    • Spare Parts Management.
    • Root cause analysis.
    • Preparation for operation safety.
    • FU Instructions/Analysis.
    • Machine Status Analysis.