Our divisions are Management solutions, Technical solutions and Building Technologies
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Technical Solutions

Electronics & Industrial IT

OMT and the Electronics & Industrial IT service area offer technical project managers / team leads and development of both hardware and software where we...

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Building Technologies


Within the Construction service area, we work with construction and property-related issues in both the planning phase and the construction phase. With experience in project...

Building Technologies

Civil works

Within the civil works service area, we work with projects linked to facilities and infrastructure. Our colleagues have many years of experience from areas such...

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Technical Solutions

Electrical & Control Lead Engineering

Technical project management and engineering. We manage projects and design within low, mid and high voltage power transmission and distribution. We work with electrical systems,...

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Technical Solutions

Mechanical & Plant Lead Engineering

OMT and the Mechanical & Plant Lead Engineer department offer solutions in technical industries through technology-related project management and product development. We are driven in...

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Technical Solutions

Technical Production Operations

We create availability, reliability and function in you operations through our engagement and competence of service, maintenance, installation and assembly. We ensure that your Operational...

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Management Solutions

Business Engineering

Is the link that connects Business and Technology. Business Engineering is our way of helping businesses optimize their way of working and connect technology and...

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Management Solutions

Project Management

We lead and coordinate your projects and assignments. Project management means that,  in structured forms, reach a specified goal, where all the set requirements are...

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Management Solutions

Management Consulting

We have extensive experience of leadership and leading roles within the private, municipal, and state sectors. We have turned loss to profit and helped organisations...