Within the Transport and infrastructure area, we have extensive experience of leading the design, procurement, management, development, operation and maintenance activities of vehicles and facilities primarily working with rail and trams. We primarily deal with customers who themselves are operators, vehicle owners, infrastructure owners or contractors. It is within these areas that our broad experience, deep knowledge and strong commitment mainly come to our customers’ benefit.

We help our customers within the transport sector to create accessible, safe, cost-effective solutions to meet society’s growing need for fast and reliable transportation. We do this by delivering strategic, technical, economic or environmental investigations, benefit analyses or safety analyses that we compile in reports and decision making. We help with project management of customer investments to ensure well-functioning project deliveries that coordinate with stakeholders and customers so that the benefits of the investment are as high as possible.

We have experience working with safety issues, accessibility, vehicle procurement, planning and creating effective resource utilization in projects and construction. Through our certified business and project methodology, we create a plan to ensure that businesses and projects get the right results.

Within transportation we work with:

  • Technical Project Management
  • Technical Investigations
  • Requirements and Capability Studies
  • Automation
  • Commisioning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Saftey Control
  • Quality Documentation
  • Quality Audit
  • Construction Management