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    Project Management

    We lead and coordinate your projects and assignments. Project management means that,  in structured forms, reach a specified goal, where all the set requirements are met. Your project is a way of working where time and scope are set. Projects are a way of working that can be used when control need to be in place on budget, quality and time. Deliveries of complex products or facilities are often conducted in project form.

    Project Management

    Effective project management requires control over budget, deliverytimes, change management aswell implementing and establishing reprioritization during the project. Other key elements are clear communication between team members and leaders and “marketing” outside the project group to the rest of the company and clients.  Besides the traditional hard values of a product manager we have the capacity to create a great team feeling and focus the entire group toward the same goal.

    We work in a result oriented, inspiring and developing way. To choose a consultant to fill the project manager role can solve a number of problems. The consultant is unattached to the client organization and can therefore focus fully on pushing the project to finish.

    What is a project?

    A project needs to fulfill the following requirements:

    • A specific and scoped target goal.
    • Time bound
    • Specific resource allocation
    • Specified project organization

    Depending of where in the product life cycle a product is, the project work is handled according to different processes. This will also vary on the industry. But all projects regardless of lifecycle and industry should include a evaluation point followed by a decision gate. This is a good process to ensure quality, and minimize risk and cost. Within OMT we have our own process called OMT Project Process (OPP) which can be applied on development, delivery, engineering, facility and construction project. We can take in a wide arrange of project management work and solve it according to our own process. If you as a customer do not have your own project methodology, we can implement our process with you.

    1. Projects as a form of cooperation

    • Definitions
    • Project roles
    • Relations production/project
    • Success factors and obstacles

    2. Project manager role

    • To lead a group
    • Leadership adapted to situation
    • Communication
    • Delegation
    • Conflict management
    • Group development

    3. Project plan

    • Define project and process
    • Analysis of needs and resource requirements
    • Project initiation and project plan development
    • Time and resource planning
    • Risk analysis

    4. Project organisation

    • Success factors and obstacles
    • Objective management, Main objective, sub.objectives
    • Effect-, product- and project objectives

    5. Implementation

    • Uppdating and revision work on project plan
    • Fixing problems adhoc
    • Preventing scope creeps
    • Determine meeting plans, project and decision meetings.

    6. Reporting

    • Economical follow up
    • Reportstructure and report types.
    • Follw up and quality assurance
    • Final reporting and delivery acceptance

    What do we offer as project managers?

    Withing OMT Management Solutions we can help you with:

    • Assess if a project is necessary and how it should be scoped
    • Project management of projects
    • Advisory roles for project start/scoping
    • lead your projects within OMT with OMT’s process or in your own project process

    Our project managers will help you with your project by:

    • Lead and manage according to defined scope
    • Develop and follow timeplans
    • Review and report progress and deliveries
    • Review and report budgets and costs
    • Assure quality of delivery
    • Present project and product when required

    Contact us to find out more!