We welcome Adilson Silva to OMT!

We welcome Adilson Silva to OMT! Adilson will reinforce OMT Techcon with his long experience of mechanical engineering. Adilson have worked as a mechanical designer/engineer in the industry for commercial, automotive, military and other products for the past 18 years. Adilson is a SolidWorks user by passion and has good knowledge of designing for manufacturing. He have been involved in roles and tasks in the design and development of various applications within technical environments, to create and develop 3D solid models for prototype, parts and assemblies for manufacturing.

We are excited and motivated to give our customers our contribution where a common goal of a high quality and timely delivery of products is essential.

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OMT + Techcon = Even better!






OMT Group AB acquires the majority of the shares in Techcon, JE Technical Consulting AB. By joining as partners and incorporating Techcon as a subsidiary of OMT, we can jointly create a greater commitment to existing and new customers. We can offer a more complete delivery of services and products. We also offer a stronger common security for our colleagues within the corporate group with more future development opportunities. Together, we become a stronger player that offers winning project solutions within project management, mechanics, electricity, automation and building for all parties.

Techcon adds expertise in mechanical engineering and machine construction to OMT. Together with OMT’s strengths in project management, electrical / automation design and service concepts, we can undertake bigger, better and more types of assignments. We are given greater opportunity to choose what we want to work with and what we can offer.

With the organization, methodology, systems, tools, etc. that OMT can bring to our new partner, we create an efficient business focusing on the right things. We see common benefits where we can co-location OMT’s consultancy and service operations in Gothenburg to common premises at Techcon for better local and resource utilization. We get a network of 70’s colleagues and have offices in several locations. We can streamline our administration and offer each other support for systems, sales, marketing, and also take care of our colleagues and customers in the best possible way.

We are convinced that we can do more together!

James Nahani, VD OMT Techcon

John Filipiak Wallderin Styrelseordförande OMT









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OMT Evolution @ Visby

During the next two days we will not be able to be in place at our customers. Thanks to you and our colleagues, we have succeeded beyond our expectations and outperformed our targets. By conducting your projects and our operations as efficiently as possible we have increased the efficiency of our joint activities. We are constantly facing challenges both in terms of technology as human behavior so continuous improvement drives us. In return for the results of the first 6 months of 2016, we re-invest by giving our colleagues additional tools during these days for us to become even better, and to create even more value to you customers.

See you on Monday again!

OMT Evolution

OMT Evolution

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OMT involved in water cycle project in Colombia and Peru

Initiated and coordinated by Samanthi Livera at OMT AB a collaboration between OMT, Ankarstiftelsen and Entropika performed a water cycle project in Colombia and Peru during the Easter of 2016. The project was partly financed by OMT with collaboration with the foundation Ankarstiftelsen in Sweden.

Access to clean water should be a fundamental human right which is crucial for poverty reduction, sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Along the Amazon River in Colombia, less than 10% of indigenous (native) people have access to potable (drinkable) water.
The Water Cycle Project aims to improve the living standards of native people and help mitigate the growing impacts of climate change, in areas where governmental support is non-existent.
A voluntary mission to Colombia and Peru was undertaken during the Easter period in 2016
This Report contains:
– A general description of a water treatment process utilizing a simple sand filtering system
– Details of the water treatment plant installations achieved along the Amazonian frontier in Peru – for 34 houses, 1 school and 1 kindergarten.
– The annual inspection trip protocol of previous installed water plants for 42 communities along the Amazon River in Colombia.
9 people from Sweden, 1 from Denmark, 1 from France, 1 from Belgium and 2 people from Colombia gathered to help the villages and families obtain drinkable water. Along the way, local people helped to prepare the foundations of the water tanks together with Entropika water project leaders. The main goals of this project are:

(1) to provide clean water and basic sanitation through the installation of clean technologies in indigenous communities of the Amazonian frontier between Colombia and Peru,

(2) reduce the risk of waterborne diseases and

(3) build a conceptual model of the bio sand filtration system.


The full report is found here: Report of water project in Colombia and Peru Easter 2016


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OMT starts 2016 with more colleagues!

We welcome Paulo Countinho and Samanthi Brunström to our Stockholm Region and Emil Johansson to our West region . Paulo Coutinho strengthens us in automation with international experience in the energy industry, Samanthi Brunström contribute experience in transportation and rail vehicles. Emil Johansson amplifies region West as a servicetechnician.

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OMT awarded contract with Gothenburg Tramways

OMT signs framework agreement with Gothenburg Tramways for technical consulting services regarding technical studies and projects in infrastructure. It is mainly our investment in our business area OMT Transport, which enabled us to win the competition and get Gothenburg Tramways confidence.

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