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  • Welcome Lara Frias to OMT

    A warm welcome to Lara Frías who is now a member in the team OMT BuildTech!

    With Lara’s seven years in the construction industry, she has had time to test various roles such as project engineer, supervisor, assistant project manager and VDC engineer (Virtual Design and Construction). In her role as VDC engineer, she was responsible for coordinating all IFC files from all disciplines and converting it into a digital 3D model of a building. With BIM (Building Information Model) as a working method, information from various actors is handled in a more structured and planned way in order to find and prevent risks at an early stage. Lara has also worked with time planning, project finance, coordination in production and planning. In Lara’s most recent role as contract engineer, she was responsible for project purchasing, project finance and forecasts as well as calculation and tender reviews. In addition, Lara has been the Nordic Swan coordinator, which in itself involved extensive review of materials and document management as part of the construction industry’s green transition.

    Lara is a social person and she always try to create a good relationship with those she works with. Humility and respect are two leading words that Lara works by. She want’s to develop and sees all the challenges as lessons.

    Privately, Lara lives with her husband and their two children. In her free time she make sure to always come up with something fun. Exercise and good health is an important part in her everyday life and something she try to teach her children.

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