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    The future is here with space efficient, easy-to-access and smart solutions. An easier way into the housing market. The StaySmart concept offers an optimized accommodation for those who want to create their first home. The apartments consist of a bedroom with sleeping area, WC with shower, kitchen area and access to well-equipped laundry and patios.



    If you are a property owner / landowner or municipality interested in purchasing a StaySmart solution, contact us and we will assist you throughout the entire process. The StaySmart modules are flexible and you can customize the number of module units according to your needs.


    We want make the housing market accessible. In Stockholm there are over 500,000 Swedes in long housing queue, we want to change that. A StaySmart rental contract is tailored to the conditions of the municipality, but you who have a StaySmart contract always have first place in the queue at a re-establishment.


    We are constantly looking for land to lease and establish new StaySmart solutions.

    Single units

    Square-smart apartments for single-family accommodations.

    Family Units

    StaySmart solutions for up to five beds.

    Flexible schools and preschools

    We design together with the Skolhus Group and Sweden’s architects an exciting national project where we work to change attitudes towards temporary and reusable school and preschool facilities. We want to show that they can be educational, inspiring and at the same time practical. More information about this coming soon!

    Flexible office solutions

    From simple to complex solutions. We build with modern, complex modular technology, and our buildings can be used as permanent real estate, but also as flexible solutions. If you have a growing business that needs to be flexible, we can help you build the conditions for your business in modular systems.

    Our goal is that even a flexible solution should be perceived and melted into a permanent building in its environment. Contact us and we will help you to find a solution that suits your business