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    We visualize your energy consumption and help you save energy with our own web service OMT EnerViz.

    OMT EnerViz

    EnerViz – Energy Realization

    We help businesses, property owners and organizations to visualize energy-saving measures on the web. To our help, we have our own EnerViz tool. Energy vizualization enables maximum return on investment to reduce energy consumption. It is all based on the fact that the energy saving in your property is made visible – in an intuitive and appealing manner.

    A web tool to visualize energy savings

    • Is an independent tool to help you lower your energy costs.
    • Allows you to influence your energy consumption positively.
    • Visualize your energy consumption in a simple way.

    How does it work?

    • EnerViz is a web service that shows your energy consumption for both electricity and district heating during an optional period of time. The period of time you select and is in the form year, month or hour. Of course, your energy consumption is presented in both kWh and kronor.
    • It is also possible to compare different periods of energy consumption or cost. EnerViz stores your hourly values so you can use historical data for comparisons. You decide which periods of time you want to compare!
    • EnerViz is the perfect tool for motivating and creating changes to your energy users. EnerViz’s strength lies in the comparison function that quickly and easily shows changes in energy consumption.
    • This allows you to monitor your investment in energy efficiency and thus lower your energy costs. Visualizing energy consumption in connection with energy-saving measures strengthens the profile as a climate-friendly company, and can further motivate the property’s users for energy-efficient behaviour.

    More about EnerViz

    Property owners and apartment buildings

    The Demand to be able to have an overview of the energy consumption is rising. The price of electricity is expected to rise with rising demand and many are eager to optimize their energy efficiency.

    In apartment buildings there are many people living on a relatively small area. Ventilation and heat can be hard to optimize, but there are measures that can make your property more energy efficient.

    With a product such as EnerViz you can visualize your energy behavior in a simple way. In EnerViz you quickly find you daily, monthly, or yearly consumption. At the same time, you can compare the yearly data with previous years. By exposing your energy consumption you will both become energy aware and see how your energy saving actions affect your energy consumption in real time.

    As an additional step, our consultation can result in both recommendations for energy efficient products and energy saving actions to help you as a property owner to be well prepared when energy prices rise.

    What exactly is EnerViz?

    EnerViz is a webservice which will be you best friend in the search for where your biggest energy consumption lies. The user interface in EnerViz is created to give the user a simple and easily understood overview of the property energy consumption.  At the same, you can easily see the effect of energy saving tasks. If you would like to expand the possibilities of EnerViz, the solution is built to easily facilitate the addition of external functions. One example is to be able to compare different properties and their energy behavior.

    How does EnerViz work?

    EnerViz collects and stores hourly values of your energy consumption in a database. With EnerViz it is easy to get a full picture and compare your current energy consumption with historical data. The results of an energy saving investment can in this way be analyzed and evaluated. Enerviz is a webservice available to everyone with a computer with an internet connection. The tool visualizes energy efficiencies in an easily accessible way, that enables everyone to affect their own energy consumption.

    What do I get in the EnerViz offering?

    At OMT we can offer you a software subscription that we have chosen to call EnerViz. It is a service to visualize energy consumption that we hope will be the first step in creating a cost and energy effective property. Because EnerViz is an online product, several stakeholders can take part of the data. From any computer with internet connection, anyone which you have provided access to can view the property energy performance. Enerviz is therefore easily used to present energy data in public spaces so that everyone can contribute in the effort for energy savings.