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  • Flertal industrirobotar som i ett led sätter ihop bilar.

    Volvo Personvagnar Göteborg

    Assigned as Task Group Leader, Maintenance Engineer, Project Manager and Equipment Engineer.

    Volvo Personvagnar Göteborg

    OMT worked with:

    Task Group Leader

    • Manage and lead of the work with improvement groups. Including administration in Volvo’s MPDC Documentation System, as well as ongoing reporting to the steering group
    • Report to the project group in the implementation of the new panorama station.
    • Support as maintenance engineer for AC Filling Equipment.

    The role is shared 60% project coordinator and 40% maintenance engineer.

    Maintenance Engineer

    Tooling & Equipment Trim & Final Torslanda needed strengthening of resources well understood by Volvo’s working methods for the acquisition and upgrading of various production equipment.

    Project Manager on Material Planning & Logistics (MP & L)

    • Project management – implementation of a new sequence flow
    • Strategic investigations – changed industrial structure
    • Project management – capacity increase of smallbox storage
    • Project management – construction of new fabric in Volvo area
    • Strategic investigation – the impact of additional volumes, models and industrial structure of VCT’s goods received until 2019
    • Project management – new and more efficient production sessions for down sizing
    • Investigation and project management – demolition of industrial premises (floors, conveyors, media, etc.) and refurbishment of industrial premises for logistics
    • Project management – relocation and installation of ramps used in transport of material between external warehouse and factory

    Equipment technician at Tooling & Equipment Trim & Final Torslanda

    Equipment technicians – write functional requirements in request to suppliers, approve the design of the equipment and electrical components, perform functional and electrical inspection of equipment, review documentation.

    Maintenance Engineer Paint Shop, Torslanda

    Maintenance representative in projects, setup of new spare parts and order of minor rebuilding projects


    Business management Board of directors

    John Filipiak Wallderin

    President, Chairman of the Board and Owner of OMT

    +4670-511 01 67