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  • Value planning 2022!

    We kickstarted 2022s ‘value planning’ by finally getting to work together IRL!

    Value planning is our way of business planning where we focus on what values ​​we create for customers, colleagues, and our joint business. We spent two rewarding strategy days at Steam Hotel where we started a fruitful dialogue with new ideas and solutions, but above all, we had great fun!

    Once again we realized that our work with corporate culture is incredibly important and results in colleagues building relationships where you feel connected, secure, able to exchange knowledge, and also receive support even though we do not work side by side on a daily basis. This is one of our main strengths as a company, we help each other succeed!

    One of our core values is that EVERYONE is included, regardless of their role, competence, or experience. Everyone is involved which gives success to both us and our customers. It has been said before but we can not emphasize enough:
    If we feel something for each other, we will help each other to walk that extra mile.”

    Corporate culture does not happen by itself, a methodology is required. We do this by creating opportunities to maintain our relationships and give everyone an opportunity to express themselves. We want to hear what our colleagues think and feel so that we together can continue to bring OMT forward, not least when we have value planning for the coming years!

    Of course covid-19 secured where all participants had the opportunity to test themselves before the event.