Within production, we work to enhance business and organizational development, logistics development and supply chain management, optimising projects, processes, teams and space. With our experience, we can manage product & process development, installation and maintenance. Through OMTs certified business and project methodology, we create individual plans to ensure that businesses and projects get the right results. Quality, LEAN, 5S and Continuous Improvement are key activities within our business optimisation process.

As an example, our task could be to review assembly concepts, new assembly lines, schedules, resource requirements planning, quality assurance, assembly preparation, acquisition and commissioning of assembly and test drive systems. We can work with structural preparation, manage & introduce changes to new and existing products, aftermarket preparation, implementation of new change processes, manage DFA (Design for Assembly), P-FMEA, quality assurance, develop prototype assembly tools and workplace design.

OMT can contribute with extensive experience within production; mainly in assembly, new approaches and structure within projects. Common to all assignments is that we will work throughout the organization; from the production floor to management, as well as with suppliers and customers.

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