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    Atlas Copco

    Project management – installation of industrial tools, such as fire extinguishers or multi-point machines with peripherals.

    Atlas Copco

    OMT’s project manager worked with:

    • Project Administration
    • Kick-off
    • Ordering of components
    • Mechanical solutions
    • Installation – planning
    • Documentation
    • Drawing – management
    • Risk analysis
    • Delivery to customer
    • Installation
    • Billing
    • Handover

    Project Manager for Atlas Copco Tools:

    Responsible for installing screwdrivers on Volvo Cars, Torslanda. Move from Johnson Controls to Volvo’s assembly plant – ensure installation, programming of correct parameters, machine suspension and other accessories


    Business management Board of directors

    John Filipiak Wallderin

    President, Chairman of the Board and Owner of OMT

    +4670-511 01 67