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  • We welcome Pekka Puska to OMT and our team Project Management!

    Pekkas most recent workexperience is from Nordkalk where he was responsible for all investment projects within the Purchasing Unit. He is a very experienced project manager and understands the complexity of large construction projects.

    Pekka skillfully handles project management issues, personnel and work environment, contractors and various types of technical challenges. Since he has a background in electrical- and automation, he does not hesitate to dig into the technology when needed.

    The fact that Pekka is a former customer to OMT testifies the good relationship we strive to achieve in all our collaborations. When it was time for Pekka to look around for new challenges, OMT was just a call away.

    Together, we ensure that project goals are achieved in structured forms in the right way. Read more about how at