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  • OMT does the project, assembly & commissioning management for new production line at Cytiva!

    OMT was given the opportunity to shoulder the role of sub-project manager for electrical & instrumentation engineering and assembly support on site at Cytiva in Uppsala in January 2020. The project aims to increase capacity through a new production line that is part of sephadex production at Cytiva in Uppsala.

    A person was also needed on site during start-up and Signal Loop Test of the factory. The perfect solution was an electrical project manager from OMT, Johan Ahlqvist who has a solid electrical design background. Johan initially carried out the sub-project management, but during the project the role was changed to a more “hands on” role where Johan with proximity to the facility was on site to solve everything from installation to commissioning-oriented problems.

    The design has been done in a 3D environment in parallel with the electrical engineering. One of the biggest challenges has been to stick to the 3D model that has been built up to get cable ladders, pipes, etc. in the right place in the model and within the right space during the factory construction.

    The 3D environment has also been a savior in Pandemic times when many meetings to solve the installation took place via online tools. Due to the prevailing Covid-19 situation, foreign suppliers have not been able to come to the site as planned. But even that, creativity and modern aids have had to be solved, even final inspection of installation has taken place via video link.

    The assignment has involved many supplier deliveries where set times have been critical for installation. Following up and ensuring these has been difficult during Corona, but if possible more important than normal as you want to minimize staff who must be on site at the same time.
    The last parts of the commissioning are currently underway in the project at Cytiva. If you need a similar project solution in your business, OMT and Johan Ahlqvist can help from the beginning of 2021. Together we have knowledge, methodology, tools and commitment to be a strong addition to your project.