Business Engineering

Is the link that connects Business and Technology. Business Engineering is our way of helping businesses optimize their way of working and connect technology and sales departments. Through business analysis and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tools we can create, model and configure systems for faster, better and more efficient business.

The lead times in selling complex products are usually protracted and become unnecessarily long. If the Development and Technology department is familiar with how the sellers are working and the sellers are familiar with how the Products work and are structured, the sales process can often run smoother.

The members of the Business Engineering team have accumulated more than 50 years’ experience in improving the efficiency of the Sales process. A well-functioning CPQ system is the central point of a smooth sales process, enabling the salesperson to easily create accurate and up-to-date tenders and other sales documents.

In our vision all customizable products sold using a CPQ system are modularized in a logical way that enables the customers to create a customized product that satisfies their needs, and at the same time facilitates the outsourcing of product model maintenance to product experts. Technicians maintain details of the product characteristics, senior sales staff modify price rules, and product owners modify the high-level rules for how the product may be assembled.

Our team has expertise in design automation, configuration modeling, document generation, quality and test processes and sales process analysis. Combine our experience of creating CPQ solutions for leading global manufacturers, with our passion for quality and adding value, and you get a team ideal for improving CPQ workflow.

As partners of some of the largest CPQ suppliers Tacton Systems, and KBMax, we can help you implement and maintain your CPQ system, as well as analyze the potential impact a CPQ solution can have on your sales process.

How to engineer your business – How efficient, profitable, revenue generating is your business? Do you create customer and employee value optimally and is your organization tuned to the same vision?
Through our Business Engineering team we methodically analyze your business, identify and recommend. Establishes the required changes and ensures that changes, offers and working methods are right.

Time to offer – How quickly do you convert a customer request into a quote that leads to revenue generation?
Business Engineering helps you configure your quotation for a quick and efficient process through our knowledge of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions and how to use CPQ tools for both small and complex businesses. Through CPQ tools we create functionality for quoting and selling complex products. We streamline productivity in sales and industrial production. We create, model and configure systems for faster, better and more efficient business.

Sales Quality – How well do your sales organization know what you can deliver or how?
Or how well do you know engineering for your sales & market? A company’s success is largely due to its ability to adapt its offerings and manage customer relationships in a rapidly changing world. The company’s ability to succeed in sales and revenue generation is the whole business concern. – Business Engineering is our way of helping businesses optimize their offer, their customer interaction and their way of working so that you more qualitatively and efficiently reach your goals, hit rate and your customer value.

Design Automation – How automated and customer streamlined CAD files do you have
Design Automation (DA) automates repeatable design activities. This may include customization of parameters, automatically generated drawings, product compilation and file management. The purpose of DA is to add value to the sales process by efficiently producing drawings and designs of customized solutions. The full potential of DA is unlocked when the DA module is dynamically fed with data from a guided-selling system so the user literally sees the product as it is being customized. This results in user buy-in, increased accuracy of quotes and frees up your valuable technical resources for other tasks.

The Business Engineering team has the experience and knowledge to implement Design Automation in your business.

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