YARA’s production facility in Köping manufactures TAN (technical ammonium nitrate) with a capacity of 360,000 tonnes per year. TAN is used to manufacture civilian explosives for mining industries and roads. OMT supplied project management an technical coordination.

OMT worked with:

Technical Lead – change of Drying Drum D801 (12-15 months)

  • Coherent technical contact with potential suppliers
  • Coordination of information internally YARA
  • Review of quotes, technical and commercial comparison of specs, risk analyzes
  • Support to management regarding supplier selection based on best technology, delivery, assembly and price
  • Follow-up and control of time, delivery and quality plan
  • Contact between YARA and supplier
  • Technical support for installation and commissioning

Prestudy Cooling Compressor K301 K302

  • Collect information about existing plant
  • Create alternative solutions with suppliers
  • Make plans for cost and timeschedule

Change of Bandsil at Hedströmmen

  • Risk analysis, timetable and budget
  • Technical contact with potential suppliers
  • Cohesive and coordinating against YARA

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