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    Volvo Personvagnar Torslanda

    Project management of project implementation

    Volvo Personvagnar Torslanda


    This project is part of the IME (Inplant Material Excellence) project, which targets are improving the efficiency of resources and the utilization of surfaces. An efficiency reduction is a prerequisite to the able to implement the next platform of SPA into the factory. In the same project are installation of roof rails and tunnel modules is also included, which also requires surface efficiency. The reduction of resources is part of the prestudy/business case and is the basis for rebuilding costs.


    • Concept study conducted in November 2013. Due to lack of resources, no preliminary or implementation phases of the project have been initiated at the turn of the year, as described in the original timetable.
    • The introduction date is unchanged (Week 33 2014)
    • Introduction is based on solutions defined in the concept study
    • The assignment involves primary project management, on the basis of the given conditions, which means that the project will not be able to keep schedule or achieve all estimated goals (the client is aware of the conditions and the risks involved)
    Target in projectDesign valueMust achieve valueUnit
    Resources (32% ratio)1614FTE
    Surface (33% reduction)20002000m2


    Business management Board of directors

    John Filipiak Wallderin

    President, Chairman of the Board and Owner of OMT

    +4670-511 01 67