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    OMT EnerViz at Moderaterna in Norrköping.


    As a property owner in Norrköping, Moderaterna manage two properties that contain both own meeting rooms and office space for rent. The tenants office space and the Moderaternas own meeting rooms have previously not had separate energy measurement, as all office premises are shared behind the same power station belonging to the network owner. This made it impossible for the Moderaterna to split up the energy consumption of the respective tenant and thus also pay for it.

    With the by OMT developed EnerViz system, we helped the Moderaterna measure the specific energy consumption of the respective tenants and also with our web interface easily see the consumption month by month or hour by hour.

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    Business management Board of directors

    John Filipiak Wallderin

    President, Chairman of the Board and Owner of OMT

    +4670-511 01 67