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  • We welcome Oskar Åström to OMT and strengthen our presence in Skåne!

    Oskar Åström

    Oskar has a professional background in logistics and most recently in various disciplines within quality, i.a. auditing, project management, and efficiency work within the railway industry.

    Oskar was born and raised in Umeå but lives in Helsingborg and likes to see new places, preferably by train. What pervades Oskar’s experiences is a constant collaboration with customers, colleagues, and suppliers. Creating and developing relationships through trust and respect between parties is a natural part of everyday life, and always with a clear goal in mind.

    Then it’s important to have fun, even outside of work! Oskar is happy to take on new challenges. At the time of writing a course in calligraphy, before that salsa. Recurring challenges are padel and playing the guitar, and as relaxation, preferably a day in the forest or at a museum.

    Oskar immediately starts helping one of OMT’s customers in the transport industry and rail traffic in a role as On-site quality manager & retrofit manager.

    Do you need help with specialist expertise in rail traffic or are you looking for expertise in management and technology in Scania?

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