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  • We welcome Dragomir Grgic back to OMT!

    We are pleased to welcome Dragomir Grgic back to us at OMT!

    Dragomir is a welcome reinforcement with his long experience in production technology, customer adaptations, technical sales, and purchasing, he will be able to contribute with solutions for our customers in the automotive industry.

    Through our and our customers’ previous experience with Dragomir, we know that he is a goal-oriented team player who is driven and committed with a background in production technology and the automotive industry.

    He has experience in technical sales and technical support both in machining with cutting tools and screw driving machines. In addition, Drago has the leadership and mind to lead teams before and during preparation and installations.

    Thanks to his broad background in various industries and tasks, he can quickly familiarize himself with new tasks and has an understanding of requested solutions.

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