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  • OMT optimizes projects in the process industry!

    Is it possible to reduce microbiological growth in a feed factory with a background in production technology and maintenance? Absolutely!

    Peter Bratt is proof of how you can use your previous experiences in a completely new area. He himself describes that there are a lot of similarities, such as finding deviations and faults in process equipment by rounding, documenting deviations, and proposing measures.

    “Microbes thrive in a nutritious and moist environment. This requires the equipment to be tightened, not have to be opened up unnecessarily and be easy to keep clean. The difference between looking for leaks of feed or oil / compressed air is not that great. In maintenance, it is important that the right tools are used and the same applies to decontamination of microbes. It is important to find the root cause and replace the components that no longer measure up. “

    In Technical Production Operations at OMT, we help our customers with everything from feasibility studies to projects, to assembly and commissioning. We ensure delivery with responsibility for technology, documentation, and suppliers.

    Examples of what we can help you with:

    • Optimize and develop production processes
    • Ensure that the correct production equipment is available
    • Develop work instructions and routines
    • Perform development of working methods and production tools
    • Responsible for procurement of production equipment
    • Perform method studies, frequency analyses, etc.

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