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  • OMT Improvement 20.20

    OMT Group AB enters a new organizational structure in 2020 to meet our long-term goals.

    The  fromer organization was based on a geographical regional structure that since 2010 has taken us to where we are today. A decade later, it is time to create improved conditions to meet the future we want to create. We continue our journey as a serious, sustained and sufficiently large player in the market to gain further trust from customers and new colleagues. Increased volume provides development opportunities for all colleagues and the opportunity for even better customer solutions. An OMT that enables better business, better opportunities for colleagues, better sense of the brand and better solutions.

    Through a clearer legal corporate structure and organization, we develop a way to continue to deliver our solutions with quality in a clearer packaging of us. We put more focus on solutions we deliver to the industries we operate in and to gain clarity internally and externally about what we can do in terms of competence and what we offer.

    From 2020, OMT, which has become an abbreviation of Organization, Management and Technology, will consist of the group parent OMT Group AB, where we provide support functions to our operations such as HR, quality control, sales, marketing, management and operations support.

    The affiliated company OMT Management AB focuses on management solutions through the service areas Management, Business Engineering and Project Management.

    The affiliated company OMT Tech AB, formerly OMT Service AB focuses on technology solutions through the service areas Technical Production Operations, Mechanical & Plant Lead Engineering and Electrical & Control Lead Engineering.

    The Group also has OMT BuildTech AB for future packaging of real estate solutions.

    OMT Group AB is owned by the holding company OMT AB, which is privately owned with a long-term ownership directive for creating sustainable operations.

    Through continuous improvement internally and externally we create winners!