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  • New chapter in the OMT-history!

    Group photo of happy co-workers.

    This time we’ve performed an internal recruitment to the CEO role of OMT Management AB.
    The CEO role is defined with a strong business focus in our new solution-oriented organization. Therefore it’s with a warm hand that we leave the role to the one person that most of all has a burning intrest for both business and OMT as a company.
    We now present Andreas Eriksson as the new CEO of OMT Management AB!

    Andreas already knows our business and has a relationship with most of our customers in Management. We are convinced that it will be a good solution for both our colleagues and customers. Andreas leaves a position as Sales Manager at OMT and has also held a previous role as CEO of one of our old companies OMT Service a couple of years ago.

    Together we’ll now create solutions for business and business improvement in technical operations, for us and our customers!
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