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    Stora Enso Hylte AB

    Stora Enso Hylte AB
    • Hyltebruk. New organosorb facility PM1-4.
    • Mech and pipe planning.
    • Planning of drainage conduit digester.
    • Calculation and layout PM 4.
    • Planning, installation of steam chest.
    • Layout, pipe and isometric projection.
    • SO2 management – planning SO2 facility, process schemes, layout, tank, pipe and isometric projection.
    • HB-98th Mch and pipe planning during installation of sludge press, wastewater treatment.
    • Steam reduction, isometric-, layout and pipe projection during planning of the steam system.
    • Planning of bleaching tower.
    • Process schemes, layout, tank and pipe planning.
    • Mech and pipe planning during installation of sludge press RP2.
    • Pipe planning and installation of chip washer.