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    Volvo GTO/Powertrain Köping

    Project Management in implementation of a new Gearbox.

    Volvo GTO/Powertrain Köping

    OMT worked with:

    Structured process planning

    Structured process planning of gearboxes, inform and implement improvements to new and existing products, aftermarket process planning. “Super User” for the processing system, and participation in the global team for the development and implementation of a new change process.

    Project Management

    Leading the Gear Assembly project including: Scheduling, Planning Resources, manage DFA (Design for Assembly), P-FMEA and Quality Assurance. Manage cross-functional workgroups (5-7 people). Others: develop prototype assembly tools, and workplace design.


    Business management Board of directors

    John Filipiak Wallderin

    President, Chairman of the Board and Owner of OMT

    +4670-511 01 67