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  • 2021 – Christmas greeting!

    julhälsning 2021 OMT

    Another different year is soon over.
    With change and adaptation, we have overcome all obstacles. We thank colleagues and partners for your efforts and our customers for giving us the opportunity to make you successful in your projects and operations. Together we have achieved many and fantastically good things despite the conditions! As a consequence of all the work and your positive assessment of us, 2021 will be another record year for OMT as well!

    We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and we will continue to create success in 2022!

    In addition to our own OMTarity program where we ourselves are committed to making our world better. This year we choose to support Hand in Hand instead of donating gifts or sending Christmas cards to your customers. In this way, we support start-ups in vulnerable areas and help them rise from poverty, which is the basis for creating sustainable societies.