We work with quality enhancement techniques as well as developing the transparency of quality management systems. We conduct audits and supplier controls.

Within Quality we work with

  • Perform data collection and analysis
  • Carry out preventive quality work internally and with suppliers
  • Perform supplier assessments
  • Design and develop delivery control systems
  • Participate in supplier and customer negotiations
  • Responsible for quality requirements when purchasing
  • Perform reception control and delivery controls

About Quality

  • On behalf of the customer, OMT Quality attests acceptance of industrial equipment, final inspections and in-process controls. This makes sure products comply with specifications and detect defective equipment.
  • OMT has extensive experience in industrial equipment.
  • OMT Quality supports the customer by assessing the supplier’s various management systems and ensures that suppliers meet the customer’s specific requirements. We participate in supplier and customer negotiations, responsible for quality requirements when purchasing.
  • OMT Quality provides consulting services where we help the customer with QA and QC issues. We help you to produce quality plans, review quality documentation and create inspection plans.
  • OMT Quality helps the customer chart the customer’s processes to find improvement areas and make the company more efficient and profitable.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact Elias Talani

Quality Manager

Switchboard: +46 11 495 1000
Direct: +46 70-495 11 62