Engineering Services

We can create accessibility and function for your business through our commitment and above all expertise in electrical and automation engineering, service and maintenance, installation and assembly.

Electrical Engineering


We can optimize the manufacturing process in manufacturing industry and ensure that the right conditions and equipment are available on time. We can:

  • Optimize and develop production processes

  • Ensure that the right production equipments are available

  • Provides work instructions and routines
  • Perform development of working methods and production tools
  • Responsible for procuring production equipment
  • Perform method studies, frequency analyses, etc.


We can plan changes, improvements, enhancements of automation equipment, both in PLC and in SCADA systems. We can:

  • Construct industrial electric and automation systems
  • Work with instrumentation
  • Programming PLC system
  • Programming parent process data system (HMI / SCADA system)
  • Perform testing and commissioning of electrical and automation equipment
  • Create specifications, instructions, descriptions, etc.

Electric Engineering

We work with power plants, generators, switchgear, transformers, relay protection and wiring. We carry out low, medium and high voltage designs and work with power plants, generators, switchgear, transformers, relay protection and wiring. We can:

  • Responsible for electrical dimensioning, network calculation and cost calculation
  • Working with circuit diagrams
  • Projects cabinets and electrical cabinets
  • Perform work instructions and routines
  • Provide instrument lists and device lists

Mechanical and Machine Engineering

We manage and designing technical products and systems in mechanical engineering and pipe systems. To help, we have computerized calculation systems and CAD programs. We can:

  • Create CAD models and drawings
  • Prepare requirements specifications
  • Perform technical investigations / reports
  • Perform pipe calculations and mechanical engineering

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Electrical & Control Lead Engineering Solutions Manager

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