OMT EnerViz

We visualize your energy consumption and help you save energy with your own web service OMT EnerViz.

EnerViz – Energy Realization

We help businesses, property owners and organizations to visualize energy-saving measures on the web. To our help, we have our own EnerViz tool. Energy realization enables maximum return on investment to reduce energy consumption. It is all based on the fact that the energy saving real estate is made visible – in an intuitive and appealing manner.

A web tool to visualize energy savings

  • Is an independent tool to help you lower your energy costs.
  • Allows you to influence your energy consumption positively.
  • Visualize your energy consumption in a simple way.

How does it work?

  • EnerViz is a web service that shows your energy consumption for both electricity and district heating during an optional period of time. The period of time you select and is in the form year, month or hour. Of course, your energy consumption is presented in both kWh and kronor.
  • It is also possible to compare different periods of energy consumption or cost. EnerViz stores your hourly values ​​so you can use historical data for comparisons. You decide which periods of time you want to compare!
  • EnerViz is the perfect tool for motivating and creating changes to your energy users. EnerViz’s strength lies in the comparison function that quickly and easily shows changes in energy consumption.
  • This allows you to monitor your investment in energy efficiency and thus lower your energy costs. Visualizing energy consumption in connection with energy-saving measures strengthens the profile as a climate-friendly company, and can further motivate the property’s users for energy-efficient behaviour.

Do you want to know more?

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