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OMT continues to expand within Management!

We are delighted to welcome Karl Sjöblom to OMT and our Business Area Management.
Karl holds a master’s degree from Handels in Gothenburg and he has long experience from sales within technology- and IT-solutions.

He also has solid experience as a project manager and coach, especially in Leadership and Organization. With his background in Technology, IT and app development, he will strengthen our work in Business Engineering where Karl will create benefits in system support and IT projects for our customers. After almost four years as a self-employed entrepreneur where he worked as an intra-contractor and entrepreneur, he is now excited to become OMTpreneur. With hisgood understanding of both technology and business, he will help create well-functioning solutions for our customers!

Read more about how we create solutions and efficiency in technical projects here!


Karl Sjöblom Management consultant at OMT

Karl Sjöblom from OMT

2019-09-04T16:05:44+02:004 September, 2019|

New colleague to our headquarter in Norrköping!

We warmly welcome Anna Spångberg to OMT and thereby strengthen our management and business support!

Anna contributes with experience of economics, administration and becomes another strong player in our team! She comes from a role as accounting consultant, where she worked with several companies in Norrköping.

Our management and business support is an important part of our process of creating customer and employee benefits that lead to Technical Business Excellence!


Anna Spångberg OMT

2019-05-21T15:48:05+02:0021 May, 2019|

Business law training at OMT

In order to deliver our service solutions in the right way, we train all our colleagues in the laws, legal principles and contract terms that apply when different kinds of agreements are entered into. Expertise in contract law and purchase law provides security when transactions are made and the most common pitfalls can be avoided. We do this to be able to offer continued efficiency and profitability in projects but also – security in future business both for us and our customers!

Thanks to our colleagues for a well-executed course!


Read more about how we can help you create efficiency and profitability in your projects here !


business law OMT

Business Law at OMT

2019-05-10T11:21:54+02:0010 May, 2019|

Expanding the Engineering team in Stockholm!

We have the honor to welcome Ali Mohammed Ali to our Engineering team in Stockholm!

Ali brings with him a great deal of knowledge about electrical power technology in intermediate- and high voltage, electrical construction and projection. The deep technical knowledge combined with good leadership qualities and a natural ability to supervise and coordinate colleagues make him a key player within OMT aswell as to our customers. No soft start for Ali at OMT, he immediately took on helping Stockholm residents to get electricity by leading electric power projects. Read more about our solutions within Engineering Services here.

Congratulations on the project Ali and welcome to OMT!

Ali Mohammed Ali OMT AB Electrical Engineering

Ali Mohammed Ali OMT Management AB Electrical Engineering

2019-05-06T14:09:44+02:0030 April, 2019|

We welcome Effie Andersson to the Stockholm region!

Effie has a great knowledge of product configuration and modeling within business systems.

She is used to leading projects and people towards stated goals. With her good understanding of both technology and business, she can contribute to creating well-functioning collaborations between both technology and sales department. She can create models that reduce lead time for quotes with improved quality and decreasing costs. A winning recipe!

Most recently, Effie comes from Tacton Systems, where she worked as a business consultant and project manager. She has good knowledge of solution architecture from early stages to implementation and management. Effie is a graduate engineer from KTH in mechanical engineering with a focus on integrated product development and she’s not afraid to take on technically advanced challenges!

Read more about how we create solutions and efficiency in technical projects at www.omtab.se




2019-04-12T15:42:40+02:0012 April, 2019|

New project manager at OMT!

Erik Winge  is a senior project manager with long, international experience of technology and complex projects within transport (trains), energy (gas power plants, hydro power), oil and gas (turbines, compressors). The projects have run through all phases from sales, construction and purchasing, through manufacturing and workshop work to assembly and commissioning of both new and refurbished facilities including rotating equipment, automation and power systems. Customers have been in Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Angola, Poland, Norway and the United States. He has also lived abroad for more than 5 years (Ireland and Dubai). Erik has good experience in contract management, business negotiations, stakeholder management, risk analyzes, work in risk environments and HSE (health, safety and environment).
Welcome Erik!

Erik Winge från OMT Group AB

Erik Winge OMT Group AB


2019-02-06T15:29:57+01:006 February, 2019|

OMT welcomes two new colleagues in January

We welcome Henrik Fremäng and Jon Brewer as new colleagues of the OMT-family!
Jon reinforce us within the Business Engineering and with his long experience of IT projects in manufacturing industry, finance and software, he adds a great deal of knowledge that makes us even better at helping our customers with more efficient IT solutions.

Henrik previously worked as a self-consultant and will now be a part of our region South! Henrik will strenghten our business area Management within project management and industrial automation. With his experience in material flows, logistics solutions and expertise in AGV solutions, we can now together create solutions and efficiency in technology projects for our customers!

Jon Brewer at OMT

Jon Brewer at OMT

Henrik Fremäng at OMT

Henrik Fremäng at OMT


2019-01-22T13:25:11+01:0022 January, 2019|

Value planning = How we create values for customer and colleagues


Value Planning at OMT

Value Planning at OMT

Autumn equals the time to start business planning for next year. Just this year we have chosen to do things a bit differently. For us it is important that all of our colleagues gets involved and helps us bringing OMT forward – together. For this reason, we have chosen to apply the concept value planning from two perspectives in our business. One where we jointly review and decide what matters according to our colleagues. We look at how we need to continue educating ourselves so that we reach a skill raise, how we increase our skills to gain more experience and what we need to keep our commitment going. Looking at what drives us as individuals, what we expect, what we need to feel good, to be seen, to be heard, and to have confirmation. We look at what are important benefits for us. This, more and more, creates opportunities for us as individuals and as a group, it creates our OMT- culture and our willingness to make us and our world around us – winners. Our main goal is that every colleague of OMT feels participated, appreciated, and finding meaningfulness in his work every day. We want to offer a workplace where you as an individual have a chance to influence, grow, develop and get a group affiliation where we can jointly create bigger and better effect and benefits than individual individuals.


Value planning equals teamwork at OMT

Value planning equals teamwork at OMT

The second perspective is how we create values ​​for our customers. As a group, we share our experiences and what we hear from our market. That input allows us to choose how we solve customer needs, whenever and wherever. By listening and analyzing, we create solutions like “spot on” -helping our customers becoming a winner as well. Through our “how,” our methodology and processes, we look forward to creating a culture that makes us deliver with quality and dedication to you. We ask you what options does your customers have, what kind of problems you have or expectations for even better results. There may be soft values ​​or actual activities that needs to be implemented. We ask ourselves what is worth paying for or even, what does your customer pay for? What is possible, where or how does it hurt and when is it at it’s best? In this way we adapt, offer the right solution and choose the right method to develop our customer solution.

Our value plans gives us a direction of what activities we need to implement, how to organize, communicate with colleagues and customers, how to generate revenue that covers our costs and leave a margin that allows us to improve our business and our environment in the long run . Finding the understanding in our business that everything we want comes with a cost, an investment that will generate a revenue that is worth paying for and that exceeds our costs is one of the key factors to bring everyone to a profit. To succeed, we engage colleagues by giving them the right prerequisites and opportunities for commitment in the profession, but also in social commitment to improving our world, as well as creating solutions for our customers to achieve their goals, while providing a business-driven company with profitable key figures. Then we and you can survive, today, tomorrow and even in the long run!

How does your workplace encourage and make use of  their colleagues opinions, wills and dreams?

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