Technical Business Excellence

Our brand is associated with expertise and efficiency within technical industry, whether we deliver consultancy services, work in projects, develops, manufactures or are building facilities.

Business Concept

OMT offers solutions within engineering industries in the form of consulting services, technical equipment manufacturing, machine construction and property development. OMTs ethos and values ensure that we aim to exceed our customers expectations and to make all parties win.


Where success are created

Our vision is that OMT attracts those who are considered the best and together we continue to develop and constantly improve to make our customers the best.


Solutions that create added value

Our mission is to create added value for our customers and indirectly for ourselves. We need to add something to be worth what somebody pays for us, whether it’s a customer invoice or salary.


We develop together

Our passion is to constantly develop, create new challenges and new opportunities. Without development and changes, you will end up a step behind because the world around us is constantly changing. Doing as you’ve always done will also get what you’ve always got.
At OMT we want to push the development, we want to push the change. All people need development, we need coaching, advice, sometimes a kick in the back, a tap on the shoulder, positive and negative feedback, etc. to be able to perform and feel good as well.


Attitude is for us to constantly act to be a winner and make them around us winners. We create a teamfeeling, corporate culture and methodology to continue to treat each other with common sense, even when it gets tough.

Leaders and colleagues of the right character who act right in both ups and downs. Many may be good in good times, but we also step up when it is tough.

Clear business plans and strategies so we can understand, measure, follow up and improve. We have a business management with constant clear coaching and improvement.

Continuous customer focus, we understand that all internal as external activities will lead our customers to hire and pay for us.

Our dream

Considered as the best! Here we want to work! Here our children want to work in the future!

Our dream is to be an organization others look up to. We like going to work, helping each other, customers and suppliers. We create our future through development. Our organization is long-term and our brand is to be so positive that people in our future wants to join us.